6 Different Ways To Keep Your Company Thriving and Relevant Online

Staying relevant online is the most important thing that you can do for your company. Without staying relevant, your website will be buried under the thousands, if not millions, of websites that cater to the same market as you. Thus, it is of great essence that you continue to find ways how to keep your company current and to keep it thriving in an ocean that is already congested.

Here are some things that you can do to keep your company thriving and relevant online:

  1. Promoted Facebook Posts. An article in The Wall Street Journal has stated that lest that 0.1% of Facebook users and fans interact to posts from specific brands. This does not sound so appealing to company owners online, especially with the stiff competition that has been going on since the internet has been launch many years ago. However, Facebook has launched a new news feed algorithm that will more likely spread the words about your brand. This is a promoted and paid post, which will appear on the news feed of your target market. If you are trying to find a way around their new algorithm, it is advisable not to. If you want to stay relevant in your market and online, it is best that you go with the flow and promote your brand through paid Facebook posts.
  2. Brand Advocates. It is not impossible that you will have loyal customers if you are selling a nice product. If you have loyal customers, try reaching out to them and ask if they can help promote your brand and company for you. You can encourage happy customers to write something about their experience with your company. They can do it on their Facebook profile, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Having a real customer talk about their experience with your company and your product is a good marketing strategy. A happy customer is the best marketer.
  3. Reviews in Google+. Obtaining reviews in Google+ will be a positive thing for your company, especially when your Google+ review will be on top of everything else whenever customers use the search engine to search for products and services. You can obtain reviews in Google+ from loyal customers. You can ask if they can leave the same kind of review they can write on Facebook or Twitter on your Google+ page.
  4. Digital PR. Backlinking is one of the many ways that you can obtain organic traffic to your website online. With Digital PR, you can achieve this. You can reach out to industry specific website and pith about your company brand and services. If you know how to market your product to these industry specific websites, they will eventually write something about your brand and link back to your websites. You should have a dedicated staff who can work on this at least five hours a week and up to 10 hours a week. Websites that are related to your industry that end up back linking to your website will give your site good SEO benefits.
  5. Mobile SEO. There is a rise of mobile users around the world. Mobile devices have become the go-to device for searches for millions of users. The advantage of using a mobile device is that it can be carried around. It is not bulky and very easy to use. This is why mobile SEO is very important. You have to optimize your website that it works smoothly with mobile devices. If your website is not optimized yet for mobile devices, then you should have it done. Having a mobile friendly website will have a big impact on your online presence and SEO.
  6. Marketing Strategy Audit. It is very important to measure the results of every marketing strategy that you implement for your website. Doing so will help you understand which marketing strategy works and which doesn’t. If you have all the data you need to determine which works, then you would know which strategy to focus on and which ones to let go. You will be able to focus your resources on investments that give

Staying relevant online is a big must for companies, especially for those that rely heavily on online marketing. Keeping your website current and fresh will help you stay afloat in an industry with stiff competition.


Web Content Writing: The Things You Need To Avoid

Web content is very important in online marketing. With web content, you will be able to keep everything on your website current and fresh for different search engines. If you are able to provide your website fresh and relevant content, you are giving your website a fighting chance to thrive in the world of online business. However, before you start writing your web contents, here are some things you need to remember:

  • Avoid writing in a complicated style. If you are writing for your personal blog, writing your best friend an email, or updating your online status, then it is okay to write in a long-winded and complex manner. However, if you are writing for a website that is made to attract customers, then you have to remember to keep it short, straightforward, and clear. Your customers will not spend a lot of time on your website if you are not able to provide them with relevant content. Make sure that you make the best of their time.
  • Avoid making it too personal. If you are writing for a web content, then you should remember not to write from your own experience or use your own biases. A lot of writers tend to practice their “poetic license” when writing, often using expressions and phrases that they like. However, this habit should be avoided. For web content writers, it is a must that you avoid doing this. Write to please your readers. Don’t make it all about yourself. Remember to keep your content about them. Make sure that you are able to provide information about what they are looking for.
  • Avoid overusing verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Remember, you have to be short and clear in your writing. This means choosing your words correctly. Make sure that you choose words that have more impact than others. For example, instead of using the word “hit” in your sentence, you can instead use the words “clobbered” or “bashed”. These two words definitely have more impact than the word “hit”.
  • Avoid writing long sentences and paragraphs. Time is of great value to everyone. This means making your customer’s time very valuable every time they visit your website. To do this, write your sentences short. This will, in turn, make short paragraphs. If you practice short and clear writing, it will be easy to achieve this goal.
  • Avoid misleading your customers. It is unavoidable to see companies with misleading adverts and campaigns. This type of practice should be avoided at all cost. Instead of misleading your customers, it is better to educate them. When writing a headline, make sure that the content of your article matches the title on your headline. If you are selling bananas, make sure that you mention it at the beginning of your article.

There are other tips that you can apply in order for you to write a punch-ful article. The tips above are the most basic that you can learn and use. Reading will help you expand your knowledge. It will also be helpful in making your online store a success.